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Founded by two serving Army Reservists Sharp End Films are uniquely placed to provide engaging online content to the Armed Forces and wider Defence Industry.

131 COMMANDO - more experiences, more challenges, more opportunities
London Regiment


From racing up Alpine peaks to climbing frozen water falls in the Canadian Rockies we've been there and done it. Sure foot work is just as important as a steady hand in these environments, but with years of experience operating at high altitudes we've got both.

Crib Goch - The Red Ridge
Canice - Joint Service Ice Climbing Concentration


Founded 2 years ago Sharp End Films have gone from strength to strength. Regularly producing the most viewed content on the British Army Facebook page we've successfully used cutting edge technology and a fresh creative process to engage the public.

Bringing together a number of skilled camera ops, presenters, drone pilots and mountain guides we can build a team to suit any job. With experience filming in remote locations across the world we always love a challenge, no matter how big or small.

If you're interested in creating content that's just that little bit more exciting please get in touch.

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Sharp end films